Course Schedule (subject to change)



Readings Assignments
Introduction to the class
17-May Bowlby, Readable Cities (on Canvas)
18-May Blackwell Chapter 35, “Writing the City” Bring your favorite piece of writing about an American city. Be prepared to post and comment on it once we set up our blog.
Walking in the city
21-May Blackwell Chapter 10, “The Metropolis and Mental Life”
22-May Blackwell Chapters 11, 12, and 29
23-May Sandburg, Chicago Poems (1-31)
24-May Bring Sandburg again, read Blackwell Chapter 2 and 37
25-May Find and read Newcomb essay.
Women in the City
29-May Read Blackwell Chapters 26 and 33
30-May In-class screening: Traffic in Souls
31-May Find and read Gunning and Whissel essays
1-Jun First exam
4-Jun Skyscraper, Chapters I-V
5-Jun Skyscraper, Chapters VI-IX
6-Jun Skyscraper, Chapters X-XVI
7-Jun Skyscraper, Chapters XVII-XXI
8-Jun Find and read Rainey essay. In-class screening of clips from Skyscraper Souls.
Film noir
11-Jun In-class screening of Kiss Me Deadly
12-Jun Read Dimendberg (on Canvas)
13-Jun Read Blackwell chapters 17 and 23
14-Jun Read Blackwell chapter 21. In-class screening of clips from Blade Runner.
15-Jun Second exam
Postmodern City
18-Jun Comic book city essay Revised blog post portfolio due by 11:59 pm
19-Jun Read all of Whitehead
20-Jun Whitehead again
23-Jun Final exam, 8:00am-10:30am

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