Blogging Ideas

Not sure what to write about this week? Try one of these ideas:

  • Continue a conversation from our class. What else would you have brought up? What other issues could we have covered? What other examples seem relevant? How would they have changed the discussion.
  • Try to synthesize the readings or apply them to another case. This is one good direction to take if you want to figure out your final project. What are some of the biggest issues that have come up across the readings? How would they work differently in nineteenth-century London, for example? Why don’t the theories we’ve been discussing apply to Auburn, or do they?
  • Respond to something on our Twitter list. Click on this link  and see what catches your eye. Is there an interesting story? A cool cache of pictures? How do the topics we’ve been discussing apply to what people are thinking about in New York or Cairo today?
  • Do a rhetorical analysis of one of the city sites we’ve looked at. Who are the different audiences being addressed? What kinds of messages are being communicated to each audience and how? Here’s an example of a rhetorical analysis of a corporate website.
  • Take your thinking in a creative direction. Imagine a Carl Sandburg writing about Atlanta. Sketch out the scenario for a film noir set in New Orleans.
  • If none of these ideas floats your boat, it may be because you’re stuck and need to talk to someone about it. If that’s the case, stop by my office hours or send an email.

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