Love Feeds: Hunger in the Cities.

This is an absolute shameless plug for my team in the Thought For Food Challenge 2012. Our team is called Love Feeds and over the past two months we have been working on a strategy to end hunger in the city of Auburn through education and a call to arms of religious and civic based community organizations.

Only the top two teams go on to the final round and we are currently in third! I would love for everyone to click the link I’ve posted, watch our video, and vote for our team 1x a day until voting ends!

Hunger is something that directly correlates to cities around the world. I will leave you with the quote from class today to inspire you to join us in telling the world that Love Feeds by voting, watching, and sharing our video and link!


“The panoramic sense of black impoverishment is hard to miss from atop the Harbor Freeway, which so many whites must drive at least twice every working day. Somehow it occurs to very few of them to leave at the Imperial Highway exit for a change, go east instead of west only a few blocks, and take a look at Watts. A quick  look. The simplest kind of beginning. But Watts is country which lies, psychologically, uncounted miles further than most whites seem at present willing to travel.”

-Thomas Pynchon, Journey into the Mind of Watts, 1966


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by | June 13, 2012 · 11:34 am

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