Kiss Me Deadly

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Hey City Cultures: what do you think of Kiss Me Deadly so far? Questions, initial impressions? What do you want to know more about?




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3 responses to “Kiss Me Deadly

  1. tinyopinions

    I think it’s a fairly interesting movie. Most of the characters are very one-dimensional though (like Nick, the mechanic), and it kills me that nobody locks their doors.

  2. It’s really funny, and it’s providing a lot of insight into the period. It’s interesting to see which elements seem archaic and which are still staples of Hollywood action-romances. I haven’t seen many films from this period, but I keep thinking of Refn’s Drive, which was my favorite film from last year.

    Another divorce lawyer playboy… I guess David Dwight has some competition… But I can’t believe Mike snapped that Caruso record! What would David Dwight say to that?

  3. righteousmyer

    I really liked the end. Total insanity!

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