Women…Pimpin’ All Over The World

First, I found this article about women entering the profession of pimping.  I wasn’t aware that women had such an influence in pimping world.  So if you’re like me, then read this article! http://www.cwfa.org/articledisplay.asp?id=17738&department=BLI&categoryid=commentary

The entire time we watched “Traffic in Souls” I was only thinking about how scared the women watching this film must have been, not of the men but of the women!  Women pimping girls out?  Maybe it’s just me being naive, but I didn’t know women were just as involved as men were in the profession. 

We like to think of women as the care takers of our children and fellow women species!  If we can trust our fellow women gender to take care of us in extreme times of need…who can we trust?! — I’m sure this is what the women watching this film were thinking…and they have a point.  Yes, now in society we are well aware that women carry as much danger as men, but back then did they understand that women could be just as dangerous as men?  When we think of women in prostitution, we generally think of them being the vitctim.  The article that I posted sheds light on how women become a part of the pimping ring.  If you didn’t read the article, it briefly talks about how women who end up pimping, were probably a victim at some point in their life, and in an attempt to stop being raped and victimized, they join forces with men and other women and start pimping.  I wonder if the producers of “Traffic in Souls” meant for this aspect of women as the bullies in the film to be just as terrifying and controversial. 

To me, this is more terrifying than the being the prostitute.  Once your a victim…you’re only options are to escape and possibly die trying, or join forces and help inflict the same pain on other women.  I would be very interested to know how women in the time of “Traffic in Souls” felt about seeing other women helping the evil men perform this “infamous traffic.”  We’re they aware of this danger?  Did they know that women could potentially lure them in just like men do…possibly even with more ease since women tend to be more trustworthy of women?  This brings to light the issue that Jacobs introduced, surveillance.  With women potentially being involved in prostitution…can we really trust anyone?

And as I sit here and debate prostitution in the city, I also keep thinking about how the word “pimp” has taken on an entire new meaning.  When did THIS become a pimp?  Seriously…does it coincide with Simmel’s idea that we must be eccentric in order to break the blase attitude?  I don’t know, but this silent film has really got me thinking out loud.



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7 responses to “Women…Pimpin’ All Over The World

  1. jordanorr

    Yikes! I apologize for the small photo!

  2. I love your title first of all! Second of all I think you put forth an interesting perspective to think about. Usually we see pimps as men when in all reality it would make sense that a woman makes a good living on pimping because women naturally trust other women, therefore they would pull more women in.

  3. Maybe I just watch too many westerns, but I’m used to women being in this role because brothels almost always have a madam. You’re right, though, that it works against the notion of gender solidarity. And even though it’s a small picture, I think the Halloween costume version of a pimp is a weird way of mocking and also fetishizing prostitution. Why do you think people would want to do that? (Loved your response on the “Gaslight” post, by the way, and I do think it would be a good topic for a paper.)

  4. aualum12

    I love the title of this blog! I am also shocked at the statistics dealing with the number of women who were and are involved in this business. Although I have seen several Westerns with women in this role, I guess it just didn’t seem quite so horrifying to me because the movies didn’t seem real to me. Maybe it’s because the old western way of life seems so distant from my life now? But the issues presented in “Traffic in Souls” and the class discussion that went along with it shed new light on this issue for me. The movie, class discussion, and statistics that have been presented on several blogs have opened my eyes to what a huge problem this is, not only in our society, but around the world as well.

  5. jester365

    Like everyone else, I loved the title of this post. I’d never really put a woman in the role of a pimp but it really makes more sense than a male pimp once you think about it. If a woman has to be fearful of both men and woman, who can she really trust? I think that maybe this is why it makes sense for women to go out and socialize with a group of friends rather than going out alone. Women can develop a sense of trust with friends in the group and they can watch each other’s backs. Great post, it really got me thinking and gave me a whole new outlook on the pimping world for sure.

  6. saltysnail27

    I hope that this doesn’t sound too strange but the idea of female pimps makes me feel a bit easy about the whole illegal sex trade market. I hear stories all the time about female prostitutes being tortured to death, severely injured, and medically neglected by their male pimps. I feel like a women pimping out over women might be a bit more considerate of delicate matters like these. Maybe I’m being a bit clueless, but I can’t help thinking this way.

  7. nam88

    I love the title of this post!! After writing a post on Atlanta being the hub of sex trafficking I found this to be really entertaining and interesting. For the longest time I always put pimps and men together. I think it was because of all the movies and video games as a kid. However the more I think about how many young girls go into prostitution a year I can see a correlation. I feel like more young girls looking to escape would be more likely to trust a woman than a man. How many mothers tell there children if they get lost to find a man? They rarely do. Mothers usually tell their children to find another mommy.

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