Traffic in Souls and Taken

     I found it very interesting that some of the fears of nineteen-teens New York were still relevant fears in today’s society. While watching Traffic in Souls I could not help but make connections with the 2009 film Taken. While the two movies were close to 96 years apart they seemed to deal with a lot of the same issues that pertain to sex trafficking.
     What I found most interesting was now some of the major fears of the early ninteen hundreds are still relevant fears today. In both movies young women were being tricked into situations that put them in serious danger. In Taken The main girls were picked up at an airport, followed, and later kidnapped. Almost the exact same situation happened to “the country girl” when she got off of the train. She was followed by two different men and tricked into going into the brothal. The two Swedish girls were also tricked into coming into America. What I found most shocking was the fact that the tactics of sex trafficing have not changed as much as I expected they would have.
     Another connection I made between the two movies was the fact that both systems of sex trafficking seemed to have levels, and both systems were run by men in positions of authority. This could be seen as proof that morals have not changed much in the last hundred years. In both situations the men were more worried about money than the welfare of the women they were mistreating.
     It is easy to see why women are constantly afraid of being kidnapped or raped in the city. This has been an on going fear for over 100 years. While there have ben major advances in technology, the perpetual problem seems to be the shady people that are more focused on money than morals.


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4 responses to “Traffic in Souls and Taken

  1. auburn22

    I too was making connections to the film, “Taken” as we were watching the film in class. After seeing “Taken,” I had believed that human trafficking was mostly a problem in European cities. However, I was able to hear represenatives from organizations such as International Justice Mission, which aim at preventing and rescuing trafficked women and children, and they shocked with the information that Atlanta, GA is one of the most prominent places in the world for women and children to be trafficked. Much of this is due to the international airport. It was shocking to me to see that this is a problem we definitey deal with in the U.S. I hope that in the future we can do more to help keep innocent women and children from being trafficked.

    • krm0013

      I recently learned from a documentary that there is a lot of trafficing at places like truck stops in the US. After watching Taken I also thougth trafficking was mainly a problem in Europe, but it was honestly disgusted to learn that it happens so much in the states. You would think that people would have morals and realized that a lot of these girls are doing those sexual acts against their will.

  2. I also was surprised at the number of U.S. incidents in sex trafficking which is actually what I just wrote my post on. I agree with the fact that people with no morals is a huge issue when it comes to this topic, but I also believe that awareness is another factor that plays into this issue. I was amazed at the statistics I found when writing my blog, and I think that awareness could be half of the battle in fighting this ever growing sickening industry.

  3. Cool connection to a contemporary movie! I wonder what you think the difference is between Traffic in Souls and Taken in terms of the position on sex trafficking. It seems like you think Traffic is more about raising awareness, but I think there was a little bit of the same desire to titillate and show the shocking dark side of the city (and the heroic breaking up of the crime) that Taken has. Would you be interested in looking at reviews from the period to think about reception?

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